Church Government

The congregational church is governed by a series of boards and committees made up of congregants. All church members are encouraged to participate in the government of the church. The goal is to provide an open-minded forum for conducting business, airing concerns and solving problems while encouraging collaboration and support.


The council is the administrative body of the church. It is made up of the pastor, clerk, moderator, treasurer, Christian enlistment chairperson, three at-large church members and a representative from each board. At least ten monthly meetings are held throughout the year.


If you think of the body of Christ, serving on Diaconate could be thought of as putting on a good warm pair of gloves. Our primary job is to help keep the worship service in order. We make sure that the sanctuary is set up correctly for every service, doors unlocked, curtains open, lights on, bulletins out, hymns noted, bible readings marked, candles ready, friends and families greeted , communion service ready monthly – all the fingers warm and toasty! We want all worshipers to feel comfortable and welcome when they come to spend time with God and friends. We tidy up and make sure that all the worship items are put back into their place after a service, ready for the next time .

We also assist with services other than the standard Sunday , special evening services, funerals and memorials. We try to make every service a joy and a comfort, even if accompanied by tears – that warm pair of gloves.

Board of Stewardship

Stewardship is the financial body of the church that seeks to educate members about the relationship between our faith and faithful giving. Stewardship is about taking care of the resources entrusted to us by a generous God. Each year members of Stewardship and Christian Enlistment work together to develop a theme for our annual pledge drive.


Traditionally at The First Congregational Church of Princeton the moderator’s duties have been to facilitate the annual church meeting. But in a lot of churches, the moderator has a more active role. We are currently reviewing the role of our moderator.

Board of World Ministries

The Mission Board is responsible for distributing mission funds pledged by church members. Our goal is to reach as many people as possible in our own community and world wide. Projects and activities we support include Interfaith Hospitality Network (including Christmas gifts for the children), Valentines for Vets (supporting Veterans, Inc. of Worcester), and the UCC (which helps many causes throughout the world).

Board of Trustees

The board of trustees is responsible for the maintenance and improvements to the church facility, equipment and property.
We oversee contracts and inspections for the building, insurance, oil, heating, alarms, fire equipment, elevator, water testing
and yard work. We are very hands on and have many projects to work on continuously.

Board of Christian Education

The Board of Christian Education is responsible for all programming related to the children and youth of our church. We oversee the Sunday School Program (ages 3-18), Sunday Childcare (ages 0-2), the Youth Group (grades 4-12), Vacation Bible School, and other activities designed to guide our youngest members on their journey of faith formation. New members and new ideas are always welcome!

The First Congregational Church of Princeton also has a variety of committees that help in the life of the church.